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Nov 22, 2021
TailgateU Truly Addicted User
I tipped the scales at 200.6 this summer. This weekend I dipped below 185.
I felt sluggish and slow this summer doing even simple things like throwing a frisbee, and was frustrated with fluctuating 10 lbs up and down for years. Clothes were tight, and I didn't like how I looked or felt. HCBW and I finally decided to get serious this fall, fixing our diet and improving exercise. My goal was to get to 185, which I haven't seen in probably a decade. It came off faster than I expected. She has lost a similar percentage to me, dropping what she gained having 5 kids.

To be honest, sometimes the process sucks, but it is doable and worth it. In addition to clothes fitting better, I have a lot more energy and feel better than I have in a long time. At this point we both realize that we could lose a bit more, which I didn't think I could have done before.

One thing that helped a lot was NOOM. HCBW signed up for it, and I have listened and learned, following the same basic principles. Here is the basic process we have used.

1. Fill up on produce, especially vegetables. Low caloric density foods are necessary to feel okay running a calorie deficit.
2. Eat fewer carbs and eat meat sparingly (yes, it actually works).
3. Move. We have been lifting 2x/week (mostly legs and core) and swimming 3x/week, plus a lot more walking and some running.
4. Drink a lot of water. We've used calorie free water enhancers to make it more enjoyable.

We still have some treats here and there, but we finally feel like we are in better control of our own health. Some might think that what I lost isn't a big deal, but it's something I've been frustrated with for a long time. After years of hearing people succeed on CB and other places, I was finally able to do it myself. If you are on the fence, you really can do it, and now is the best time (with some flexibility this Thursday, of course!). Thanks to all who have inspired me for years. It really did help, at least for me.

In other news, I miss my smoker. Some day I'll use it more again, just with better balance with salads on the side.
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