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Nov 30, 2021
thecthdox All-American
I am old enough to remember Utes withholding knowledge of an Honor Code
violation until the week of the game to ensure that Hadley wouldn't be allowed to play in the rivalry.

I am old enough to remember fake baptisms by Ute players and shots out of a sacrament tray at a tailgate.

I am old enough to have been at the game and witnessed Ute fans throwing trash and beer at Max Hall's and other players families.

I am old enough to remember years of Ute fans claiming there was an insurmountable taken gap because they were in the PAC 12 after barely winning.

I am experienced enough to know the PAC 12 will never accept BYU because of its religious officiation.

I am old enough to remember suspenders boy running at Bronco.

I am old enough to remember a team in the PAC 12 South chanting curse laden phrases at BYU fans just last Saturday.

Those are annoying and intended to meaningfully offend someone. We as BYU fans have been told to take those real and intentional instances and learn to let it slide off our backs.

So I am unconcerned about a banner or T-Shirt that says, in essence, "Utah and the entire PAC 12 South, BYU proved it was better than all of you [or your meaningful members] on the field this year." That is simply a fact. BYU beat all of you. Period. This is truly minor good natured retaliation. If you cannot handle this, you cannot handle simple competition.

No one insulted your players who died, in fact everyone offered support through those instances. No one said you hadn't accomplished anything yourself, they simply pointed out that BYU accomplished more. If you don't like it, then next year... wait you aren't willing to play BYU next year... ok, whenever you are actually willing to play BYU again, get a different outcome on the field.
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