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Dec 7, 2021
CougaRR4L All-American
Pretending that taking a higher wage is a no brainer is as naïve as
thinking there aren't tons of reasons to stay in a job that pays less. Both of these come down to personal goals, desired lifestyle, and family situation. I'm not making the argument that Kalani will stay and if he leaves for a good football school I'm 100% ok with his decision but I can think of loads of reasons to stay outside of money, particularly where he already sits in the 1% of income earners nation wide. His income and savings allow him to pick the type of job he wants rather than the job that pays the most.

He lives where he grew up. He works where he played ball and has one of most secure jobs in the country. He leads the team he has always been a fan of. His coworkers are his buddies and they have great job security. He is working for the football institution with one of if not the strongest ties to the Tongan community. He gets the unique opportunity to be both a football leader and essentially a representative of his faith on a daily basis. He gets to mentor lots of young adults of his faith and those not of his faith but still in a setting where his faith is ok to talk about. He works for a school that prizes the mentoring of these young men over anything else about the game. He does not work Sunday's. He works with a wonderful AD and athletic department. He have the unique opportunity to transition a high preforming football school to P5, very few has had that career challenge. He is about to have vastly more resources than any prior coach at that school has ever had. His kids are at a prime age to have a move be negatively impactful especially if they are thriving where they are now.

Most of us are chasing retirement or financial freedom. In all likelihood Kalani could already stop working if he wanted to but I would say its clear that he loves coaching. So the question for a coach in those circumstance is heavily impacted by a wide array of opportunities that come with coaching. Higher pay is certainly one of those though not necessarily at the top. No one knows but him.
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