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Jan 2, 2022
TJD Walk-on
Our defense
After watching the top teams in the country play aggressively at the line of scrimmage it is time BYU follow suit. I can think of at least 5 or 6 games during Kalani's tenure that BYU could and should have won had the defense not been so vanilla. Kalani is clearly as he has stated a BYU fan first and foremost. Kalani it is time to make the hard decision for cougar nation! He is constantly defending Tuiaki and the defense. Then in the very next sentence tells us that they as coaches need to do a better job but nothing ever changes. It seems like it is way past time to reevaluate the scheme. The one man should parish not a nation seems very fitting. I would much rather lose a game being to aggressive than so passive that if the other team doesn't make a mistake they will score. I think we all knew that UAB was going to March down, score and win the game on their late 4th quarter possession. I felt like I was watching the game hoping that there would be a bad snap or false start penalty that would end the drive. I had no confidence in the defensive play calling. It was so frustrating. Kalani please make a change at DC! Keep your buddy on staff that is fine. Just find someone that is aggressive in play calling and personality. Someone that can react quickly and make sound aggresive decisions on the fly. BYU will need every advantage going into the Big12. The current scheme and approach is beyond ridiculous for big time college football.
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