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Jan 21, 2022
Tortoise Starter
4-way smart switch question
We are renovating our house, and our electrician is asking us to order smart switches he can install, but unfortunately he is not giving us any helpful guidance.

We need a bunch of 3-way smart switches. We have already installed some single pole switches we got off Amazon (Kasa brand). The Kasa brand is the major one on Amazon.

We are also supposed to purchase a 4-way. However, despite many searches online, I can't find a Kasa 4-way. I know they're all supposed to be the same brand, but I can't locate one brand that has all of the types we need.

So I wonder if any of you know if Kasa makes a 4-way. Or is there an alternative, like could they install other types of switches in that spot that could cumulatively do the same work as a 4-way?

Was it this complicated for the rest of you? Sheesh.
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