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May 10, 2022
Gustav Truly Addicted User
Move over UTBOH — Hollywood working on quirky comedy about rape of missionary
Nothing says fun and "zany" entertainment like abduction and sexual assault.

I guess true events are fair game, and dark tragedy is fair game, but the description of tone they're going for makes it a sad and gross idea for a movie.

“It’s rare to find an over-the-top true story with compelling characters and zany twists and turns like this, said Andriana Williams. “The all-consuming passion, absurd lawbreaking, and outrageous antics made news around the world then and can be sure to entertain today.”

Added Kirkby: “I’ve never read a more no-holds-barred fever dream of a script that whisks the reader on a journey of sex, obsession, and rock ‘n’ religion like Sinner v. Saints. Obsessive first love is a magnificent premise, and sprinkle on top a killer true story involving abduction, quirky supporting characters and the era of free love, and you have a cocktail of something very potent. It is a pleasure to roll around in the world of our anti-heroine Joyce McKinney.”

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