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May 17, 2022
BlueVU A Reprehensible; Half-breed
So what happened was that my half-sister had done the DNA test with her husband but for whatever reason never actually
looked at her DNA matches. She only saw the DNA history.

When she took the test, my dad got a notification that he had a new father/daughter match. He knew what was going on obviously and decided that it would be better if he told me himself rather than me eventually find the truth on Ancestry's site.

He sat me down and told me about it in person about 3 years ago. He made the argument that he felt he needed to talk to me about it but that he couldn't tell them as that was their parent's responsibility even if he didn't agree with them keeping it a secret from their kids. I also didn't say anything even though I desperately wanted to. It wasn't my thing to share with them.

So then about 2 years after I found out, she FINALLY checked her matches and saw him as well as me (me being a lot closer genetically to her than any of her other cousins). She and the boy literally worked in the same office as me (I got hired by their company after I knew, but before they did). So they both approached me at work about it. Haha, it was quite a surprising day. Lots of emotions.
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