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May 18, 2022
Ham All-American
If you have nine minutes to spare, I recommend listening to this.

I'm so-so on the podcast as a whole, but this episode is pretty great. The hosts are joined by a mental health expert who talks about anxiety and our society's obsession with fighting discomfort in all its forms.

Particularly poignant was this quote (at around the 3:02 mark): "In the last 50-100 years we have become so obsessed with solving for comfort that we have pathologized discomfort. We have made discomfort the enemy.

"We have some very real physiological things like sadness, frustration, boredom and anxiety--natural things our body does--that we've said 'whoa whoa whoa, that's uncomfortable. We need to solve for that.'

Then he goes into various ways we try and fight discomfort--medication, addiction, etc.

Anyway, it's very good. I highly recommend it.
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