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May 25, 2022
sidsie716 All-American
The long management cases are the most difficult to be sure.
But one of the advantages of the treat assessment model is that it allows for continued allocation of resources and to "stick" with cases over the long term as opposed to either a "flash in the pan approach," or one person or discipline trying to assist the person alone over the long term. One district I work with, they have been actively managing a student for 10 years now, ever since he was in the 1st grade. It has been difficult, but he has not escalated his behavior towards anything what I fear it might have arrived at if there was no active management with all the active resources brought to the table.

But yes, the "go to them" requires a robust reporting system where everyone knows how to make a report, the reports can be made through multiple methods, can be made anonymously, and all go to a central team to avoid silos. Then they, in conjunction with all of the resources of the disciplines involved, manage the case.
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