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Aug 6, 2022
Samurai Jack All-American
Wilner and others keep talking about some “advantage” the PAC has
given that the PAC is negotiating rights now and the GOR for the Big XII doesn’t expire for two years.

Seems to me that these PAC supporter media types have it all backwards.

1. In near term, media entities may be able to assure a PAC program that BigXII revenues will exceed the PAC even though it is a couple years from realization. A promise, yes, but an educated forecast. = Advantage Big XII.

2. If PAC does stay together for now, Big XII has two years to outmaneuver them with distribution rights and can come forward with a clear advantage. It’s like getting the ball 2nd in overtime… it is the upper hand. = Advantage Big XII.

3. PAC has the baggage of teams looking elsewhere (Ore, UW, Stanford) and high likelihood of diminishing a GOR. = Advantage Big XII.

4. Long game if PAC holds together is cultivating the perception that they are last amongst P5 in revenues and competition. This perception will slowly but surely drag the PAC programs down. = Advantage Big XII

5. We have in house PAC articles stating Kliavkoff needs to be creative to keep the PAC alive and such. Really sounds like the Big XII “threat” is “laughable” doesn’t it??

(Says Wilner:

“ The Pac-12 is negotiating its media deal now and will offer schools a written contract; the Big 12 cannot negotiate for two years and, as a result, is limited to offering projections and promises.”)

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