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Aug 11, 2022
DC15 All-American
BCS is wrapping up with some unbelievable storytelling. Incredible season.

The diverging paths of Kim and Jimmy are very stark. Some of Jimmy’s first words on the phone were that they hadn’t caught him yet, that he was getting away with it and the morality of what they did was irrelevant. He’s changed his name three times to avoid the law. And once again he’s running from the police at the end.

Then you have Kim, who seems to have been hoping to be caught for years, never changing her name and working in a very public job. Her sadness was that that they don’t appear willing to prosecute, and there was no justice for the wrong that she did. Her punishment is simply living with that guilt and sense of injustice.

I’ve always enjoyed Vince Gilligan’s thoughtfulness in portraying moral ambiguity, whether two very similar people who commit the same evil are both equally corrupt. Building these characters over six seasons, to the point where they wind up in exactly opposite dilemmas for the same crimes, is masterful writing. I’m curious to see how it all ends, but it’s too bad the Breaking Bad universe may only have one new episode left next week.
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