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Aug 15, 2022
DC15 All-American
Final episode of BCS was brilliant. Great finale. *SPOILERS*
In one episode, you get a feel for years of Jimmy’s life. That for years he’d been contemplating how to fix his mistakes (The Time Machine references), and about how to resolve his regrets. You learn that one moment with his brother, where he brought out The Time Machine book, had been on his mind all the way up to his escape with Walt in Breaking Bad. Even with just one episode to work with, the show creators managed to plant such an important detail and memory into the story that it reshaped the character of Jimmy McGill. Then, when the moment of opportunity comes to resolve his biggest regret, he takes it and saves Kim. It was an episode about the redemption of Jimmy McGill, and I thought they nailed it with the same restraint as always, not falling into the trap of doing too much.

The only disappointment is that the BB/BCS universe appears to be wrapped up nicely and I doubt they’ll touch it for a while. It’s the right thing to do, though. As is, those two series will sit on the Mount Rushmore of television for a very long time.
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