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Sep 21, 2022
Lombardi Redshirt Freshman
Last word and lost love for Holker
ARod said he felt “gutted.” A true and visceral observation from his heart. He can do what he wants, but I don’t have to like it, and it’s fair for others to say as much, as long as they stay respectful about it. Bailing mid-season like this is just wrong, at least to me. But most of all here I feel for ARod, Kalani, his coaches and teammates. It is a brotherhood and when you get blindsided by someone you have put your heart and blood into building up, it has to hurt deep. I love our coaches for the classy way they have handled this...ok, I’ll say it, betrayal. That’s the kind of team you are leaving, Dallin. I doubt you will be fortunate enough to find an equal one, but I wish you well brother.
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