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Sep 22, 2022
here's to hoping All-American
If he is off the team, then he has forfeited his scholarship. That was the
contractual relationship. I would say the transfer portal has been a net positive for BYU, and I can understand if some players feel the need to leave. For some schools it is a systemic problem where they can't keep players that perform well, but for BYU the culture is strong enough that I believe that is unlikely to be the case. Until schools decide to just start paying players (which would only make bigger problems for schools at BYUs level), I don't see how you can expect more from players. Unless the education they receive at one school is significantly more valuable than the education they can receive somewhere else, the scholarship at one school is not significantly more important than any other school. And before you argue BYU is an amazing school, I don't know that physical education majors (like Dallin Holker) are significantly better off at BYU than anywhere else.
here's to hoping
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