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Sep 24, 2022
krindorr Truly Addicted User
What to watch today - lots of interesting Big 12 games and BYU-related games

So...this week is a little less exciting as far as BYU opponent goes. The last 5 games have been @USC, Bowl Game, Season Opener, ranked Baylor, @Oregon and after this the next 3 are in-state "rivals", Notre Dame, and Arkansas. Some of those aren't great (see Utah St), but I think this might be the least exciting game in a 9 game stretch.

And for those of us on the east coast (where the game won't end until 2 AM), there's a high likelihood that we won't end up seeing the whole game - hard to stay up for a hopeful blowout.

So whether you're missing some football this week, or just need MORE, here's a list of other games that could have interest from a BYU perspective

Noon ET

The big game here is clearly #17 Baylor @ Iowa St (ESPN2).  Not only is it a Big 12 game, but Baylor is currently BYU's marquee win.  After seeing Vegas go against rankings in numerous games (Utah/Florida, BYU/Baylor, BYU/Oregon), it's concerning that Vegas now has Iowa St as the favorite.  Should be a good game and one that BYU needs Baylor to win.

Other options include

  • TCU @ SMU (ESPNU): Support for a Big 12 team against their rival, plus some interest from the SMU side as they're trying to make an argument for P5 inclusion.  Should also be a good, tight game. Vegas favors TCU, but SP+ and FPI like SMU.
  • Duke @ Kansas (FS1): Neither of these teams are supposed to be good, but they're both unbeaten.  It's against generally terrible competition, but Kansas beating terrible teams is better than what they normally do.  This would give Kansas a chance to perhaps lose the title of absolute worst P5 program, and they're actually solid favorites, so could be fun to see Kansas climb and continue defying expectations.

3:30 PM ET

The game to watch is Notre Dame @ North Carolina (ABC).  This has obviously lost some shine with Notre Dame 1-2, but this is the last game they play before meeting up with BYU in Vegas.  A win for them (against a not terrible P5 opponent) would push them back to 2-2 and (combined with their name value) make the BYU game a bit bigger.  If they're 1-3, then it becomes a dangerous, no-win situation for BYU - going up against an extremely talented, but "bad" team means you're expected to win, but there's actual danger of a loss.  Would be great to see ND win this.  Should be a close game with ND favored by 1.5

There's really not many other good relevant ones at this time, but other options do include

  • #15 Oregon @ Washington St (FOX, 4 PM): After the beating we took from Oregon, we want them to continue looking good (against everyone besides Georgia).  Washington St is no joke this year though, already beating Wisconsin.  Oregon is favored by nearly a touchdown, but playing on the road against a quality opponent.   If this one is at all close, flip over to it instead of Notre Dame.
  • Indiana @ Cincinnati (ESPN2): Indiana is undefeated, but has done so by eking out victories against terrible opponents.  Cincy should run away with this one (favored by 16), but there's a chance it could be interesting.  This is also their last P5 opponent before they join ther Big 12 with us next year.  Don't turn this one on, but keep an eye on it in case Indiana can make it interesting

7:00 PM ET

All eyes on #10 Arkansas @ #23 Texas A&M (ESPN). Arkansas is a future BYU opponent and is currently Top 10 and undefeated.  Texas A&M had the embarrassing App St loss, but rebounded by beating Miami and had high expectations coming into the year.  No doubt they are dangerous and Vegas, FPI, SP+ etc all have Texas A& favored.

Other viewing options include

  • UNLV @ Utah St (CBSSN): Not a good game and might hurt to watch, but USU is our next opponent and the game is predicted to be close at least (Vegas favors UNLV by 3).  That said... this sounds like a miserable game to watch.  Only here because the rest of the options are even worse.
  • If for some reason you need another option at this time (seriously, just watch Arkansas @ aTm), the best left is probably a Big 12 matchup of Kansas St @ Oklahoma (8PM, FOX).  It's not great but probably better than watching blowouts in Rice @ Houston (6 PM, ESPN+) or Liberty @ Akron (6 PM, ESPN+)
  • I'll also note that Wisconsin @ Ohio St (7:30 PM, ABC) is on in this window.  It has no bearing for BYU, but worth mentioning since the other options (besides the Arkansas/aTm game) are so so bad. 

10:15 PM ET

Easiest choice of the day - watch Wyoming @ BYU (10:15 PM, ESPN2).  I know I mentioned at the top that Wyoming isn't as exciting an opponent and the game isn't projected close (BYU favored by 3 touchdowns)... but watch BYU.  It's that simple

Other games to track (but not watch) include

  • Stanford @ #18 Washington (10:30 PM, FS1): Washington is heavily favored (two touchdowns), but Stanford is still relatively unknown, beating up an overmatched Colgate and losing, but playing well against a top-10 USC.  Washington is also a bt unpredictable, beating up on two patsies before upsetting Michigan St last week and could be due for a letdown.  In any case, this game is one of the few Stanford chances to set their season on a more meaningful course before we play them at the end of the year.
  • ...nope, not getting a 3rd option.  The BYU game is the clear leader and there's just nothing relevant or good besides that.  No 2022 opponents, no Big 12 matchups, no big games.  The closest would be #10 USC @ Oregon St (9:30 PM, PAC12) given that Oregon St is surprisingly undefeated... but it's a) not relevant to BYU at all, and b) impossible to find on the PAC12 network.  The Utah @ Arizona St (10:30 PM, ESPN) game is more accessible, but not related to BYU unless you count anti-Utah as a big part of rooting for BYU and honestly, even then, you probably don't want to watch as Arizona St is in disarray and Utah should roll.  I guess I'll backtrack and make this my 3rd recommendation for the late slot, but just because Utah and ASU are both potential expansion prospects for the Big 12.


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