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Jan 18, 2023
RealSimsShadY Truly Addicted User
Crazy day/night that won't end. All good now, but definitely one of those "throw
out all the plans for the day" kind of deals.
Got a call at 2 from my wife saying she was headed to the hospital because my 3 year old fell off the stool and split his eyebrow open.
3 older kids went over to a neighbor's, while I met wife and 3 year old at the Riverton Instacare. We were only at the Instacare long enough for the nurse to come out and suggest we go to Primary's.
Drive up to Primary's, wait time wasn't terrible, but we didn't get out of there until 7. I hate feeling helpless when your kid is on the bed being worked on. 6 stitches in between the eyelid and eyebrow.
Get home, pick up the other kids, and get everyone to bed., except for the 3 year old. He's not even tired thanks to the ketamine(?) nap. He's an active kid so all we tried to do was to get him to sit still. Good luck.
He finally goes to bed around 11 , and sleeping in my bed with my wife. I wake up on the couch around 1, to a crash above me. The dude fell off our bed, and luckily didn't hit his eye, and went right back to sleep.
I got back downstairs and try to fall back asleep, and around 2, my 7 year old starts coughing a lot, so I run upstairs and he's puking in the sink. I get that all cleaned up and lay back down around 3. Haven't been able to sleep since then, and 7 year old has been groaning for the last 30 minutes.

All this to say that I can't help but have so much gratitude right now.
I'm grateful first, that my wife stays home so she can be there to take care of our kids when stuff like this happens.
I'm grateful for our neighbors/friends, who took on 3 of our kids for the day, and their willingness to do so.
I'm grateful to have a hospital close (but also, we need a pediatric emergency center close than SLC)
I'm grateful for all the nurses and doctors up at Primary's that helped us today. They were absolutely awesome in every way.
Grateful for my 7 year old not puking everywhere, and making it to the sink.
Grateful for a job that I can leave for emergencies like yesterday, and sneak in late today so I can catch up on sleep.
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