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Jan 19, 2023
Supercoug [censored]
20ish years of CB have cornered me into a few CB-specific takes that only exist for me in this little world.
- Red Iguana is fine. Not great. The mole is decent, would be average in other states. Overall not a place to brag about.

- it’s fine to recline your seat. I *think* they were designed to do that.

- Texas Roadhouse Rule: if you think it’s amazing you probably have a defective palette; if you think it’s horrible you’re probably a food snob. It’s very average. But if you recommend it to someone, you’re 100% simple.

- No TV show appeals to everyone. Different strokes for different folks. But also, Friends > Seinfeld, and Breaking Bad, while incredible, wasn’t as incredible as everyone says.

- saving seats should stop in junior high, unless you fly Southwest.

- Hamilton is musical genius and the best musical ever written and wow the people who hate it most ironically share similar certain political leanings with each other

- the only people on this board who know as much football as they think they do usually don’t post it here on this board

- willing to wager virtually no one here is as tough as they pretend to be. I’ve seen you at stake meetings.

- pit bulls aren’t nearly as dangerous to America as cats

- Who cares what drive thru has the best burger so long as you get the one you want???? (It’s Whataburger btw)

- if you have to write “haha” in your post there is a 99% chance it’s not actually funny

- The constitution probably doesn’t say what you think it says

- Life coaches are the last people you should take life advice from

- You know how we all come here to complain about in-laws, crappy kids, that weird family in the ward, that terrible neighbor, and that soccer mom who takes things too seriously? There’s a chance that in some place, at some time, in some way, we are all that person. So be careful. Look in before you look out. Give some grace. Be more loving (unless they hate Hamilton or take you to Texas Roadhouse).
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