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Jan 21, 2023
byukarl All-American
That's why I felt her original post was a touch entitled
There must be a few on CB who are good friends with their family. Look I get being loyal but I think at least in the beginning more posts on that thread were about the policy and defending BYU being consistent.

What bothers me is when institutions or companies become inconsistent in their policies due to crocodile tears or heat from a Ken or Karen who dials up the Social media heat.

I just watched recently one of those Instagram influences. She went nuts on a Ford dealership up in Vancouver who had nothing to do with a car she was trying to purchase at a completely other car dealership. She was sued by this dealership eventually. People run to social media instead of dealing directly with BYU. That's where a number of CBers and Twitter comments are suggesting wrong place to be trashing BYU.
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