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Jan 30, 2023
Florwood Truly Addicted User
Growing up in SoCal in the 60s, I thought the PAC8 was the center of CFB
Though basically I loved USC, hated UCLA, and didn’t give the other schools a thought.

My ardor waned a bit in the 70s when they stole the Arizona schools from the WAC in the 70s ( by then my fandom had switched to BYU). And the PAC’s decades-long arrogant dismissal of BYU diminished them further in my mind.

Still, they were the conference of my youth, and if they had brought in both Utah and BYU in 2010, I would have been ecstatic.

Now, I don’t care for the conference at all. I’d love to see the 4c schools jump ship to the B12, and the remnants merge with the MWC.

Part of me feels sad at the way I feel, but only a small part.
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