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Feb 1, 2023
LeftOfNormal All-American
The last time BYU's first two games didn't include a P5 opponent was 2001.
(Obligatory: excluding the cluster that was 2020)

20 years.

And in more than half of those 20 seasons, either:
each of the first two opponents were P5,
each of the first two games were on the road,

BYU has started at home for two consecutive games only 4 times in that stretch, and only once in the last decade.

It's such a relief not to have to front-load anymore! We're not having to absorb a major program's best shot from day one for the first time since the freaking Clinton Administration! Our team may actually be able to gel a bit before being thrown into a dogfight. Our coaches will be able to critique and tweak our team's play, and our team will be able to make a few mistakes without it putting us in danger of a season-crippling loss out of the gate! Our Week3 opponent won't have film of our entire playbook! Our starters may actually have rested (and avoided injury) a couple of 4th quarters before then!

It may not be THAT big a deal, but considering this is a luxury every "name" program has most seasons, and one that we've never had, it'll be nice to reap the benefits of finally getting to the point we can schedule that way too! Just one more sign that we're finally there!
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