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Mar 16, 2023
JoeExotic All-American
Basketball vs Football NIL
IMO are completely different.

Team NIL deals are super important in football because they help build depth in the program.

For Basketball team deals are nice but IMO the big needle mover is large individual NIL deals. Basketball is not about depth - it's about high end talent at a couple positions. You need 1 or 2 stars.

Mark Pope's media conference today was very interesting. IMO he did not sound optimistic about BYU boosters stepping up to help build a B12 caliber basketball program. He seemed somewhat defeated on the NIL front.

Basketball program is going to be a dumpster fire in the Big 12 without legit B12 talent. This isn't the Rose era anymore. It's the NIL era and BYU is going to get embarrassed in the Big 12 without some serious dudes to play ball with. The LDS talent pool is not good right now and BYU / BYU boosters are apparently not serious about competing in the B12 as a basketball program. At least not yet - or maybe Pope needs to be more creative in getting these deals done?

Want to compete with the big boys? Do what the big boys do. Get legit NIL opportunities out there that go toe to toe with other B12 schools.
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