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Mar 17, 2023
ChinaFan All-American
ahh the memories... we have a couple workers who got into a little tiff in the plant... started with just cross words,
then one grabbing the other by the shirt, the other warning him to let go, not letting go, namecalling, fisticuffs... the video was great...

Unfortunately for them, we have a zero tolerance policy for violence, and our workshop is a clean area, so people have to feel safe knowing that getting away from some angry colleague is more difficult. I could have offered another chance, but we've stuck to the policy. Stinks, both were guys we've trained and have 5 years in...

Reminded me though of the lesson I learned when I was 17... I was working on a construction crew, the bosses kid was running a backhoe as I stood on the dirt pile, waiting to go down and connect some pipe... he swung the bucket and purposely hit me (like stopped it quickly so it carried a little farther and thumped me). It knocked me off the berm into the trench, and I wasn't happy, but I let the guys in the trench calm me down...

Then, when we had come in to load up and go home, this numbskull starts bragging about how he showed me and thought he was being funny, so I kicked him in the gonads (with my work boots on)....

I got fired... worth it, school started in Utah a week later, so no harm no foul...
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