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Mar 18, 2023
Xenon Truly Addicted User
If PAC is largely streaming, Production costs are part of the deal?
OK, granted, this question came from listening to Blue&Gold guy, so take it with a huge grain of salt.

Amazon and Apple don't have production capability right now, so SOMEONE has to produce those games...
BUT PAC does have the PACTV production capability. Or it could be ESPN produces them and sub-leases them to Amazon / AppleTV.
OR PAC-12 sells the PACTV production capabilities to Amazon, which might be something Amazon wants.

I think I have heard ALL of the above talked about in various places.

(again, from Blue&Gold guy, so I have no idea if this is right), MLS has to produce the games at a cost of $60M a year before selling them to AppleTV. Is that before or after the $250M a year payment? i.e., is MLS really only distributing $190M to the teams, in what is called a $250M contract.

Is that likely to be the same arrangement for PAC-12 streaming?

Is the streaming production costs BEFORE or after the $25M per team or $28M per team? Is Streaming Production part of the "1 Share for Conference Office" or a separate charge?

I'm just trying to kind of understand what the prevailing thoughts are on what the Streaming World looks like for college sports. I think Streaming will be a solid income source eventually, but the model is very different. I'm not sure that the PAC12 is really the ones to forge into the unknown on this, but they might have to go it alone.
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