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Mar 18, 2023
bdizzle Starter
POLL: Is competitive Dance a sport?
Random debate I got into with my family. Is Dance a sport ?

I don’t think so. I recognize that it takes a lot of skill and can be very physically demanding and competitive. I am not a good dancer for the record.

A sport must meet a minimum physical exertion requirement. I think competitive Dance meets that condition.

However, in order for something to be a sport I think there must be a objective winner or loser. For example, soccer who scored more goals? In basketball who made more baskets resulting in the most points?

The winner in Dance is based on a judges’ interpretation and is too subjective. Not straight forward like the soccer or basketball examples cited. Ironically I put this post in the “other sports category” but should probably be in health and fitness.

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Mar 18, 10:27pm

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