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Jun 7, 2023
AF_Puma All-American
Curious if that happens, who will they say is their prime rival?
It was obvious that they always wanted to say it was USC because they wanted it to be, not that it actually was. Now USC gone and possibly Colorado, who become the next Utah identified rival? I'm sure they'll attempt to say it is Oregon.

I don't see Utah leaving the PAC12 very easily. Even if Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Washington leave, Utah will stay and add MWC teams mainly. Only if it totally collapses would they leave, as they would have no choice. I don't see any B1G invites coming, but being a B1G fan from my youth, I never saw the B1G adding Rutgers, so you never say never.

I don't like Utah fans because of their arrogance, but I believe Utah is a quality institution worthy of being in any conference. I was glad when they got the PAC12 invite, because they were worthy of it. My only problem was that even more so BYU was worthy and didn't find a P5 home until a decade later and that was what it is, but it wasn't right.
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