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Sep 18, 2023
krindorr Starter
Unpopular opinion...but I think that's one reason he took the BYU DC job - to be competitive for the eventual Utah job
Scalley is clearly still the most likely name to replace Whittingham. But if Jay Hill wanted to be in the conversation (and he does, the man loves Utah and he wants to climb the ladder), it wasn't going to happen from an FCS role. This puts him on equal footing with Scalley (DC at a P5 school) and at least gives him a chance at his dream job. He's not the favorite...but at least this way he can be in the mix.

Here's the really scary scenario though - even if I'm not sure how likely it is. Whittingham retires, Scalley gets the Utah HC job...and Utah is looking for a new Defensive Coordinator. And just south of them is a successful defensive coordinator who is a Utah alum, grew up coaching at Utah and is almost certainly being paid less than he would be at Utah (given what we know about what they pay their coaches). Given Hill's personal preferences, there's a real chance Utah could entice him in a lateral move - even if Scalley ends up getting the HC job over him.
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