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Sep 22, 2023
CougaRR4L All-American
This was exactly how Missouri was when I lived there. Tornados are crazy
business by the way. After being there a couple years I thought I had been close to a tornado but realized later I was just getting the peripheral impact. In the last year I lived there a tornado touched down a mile or so from our home and it was otherworldly. The sky was turquoise green like nothing I have ever seen, rain and hail were going everywhere and it sounded like someone was pouring fist sized rocks on our roof. Outside the trees were whipped about in every direction and not just blown in one direction and the house was shaking. It was legitimately scary.

Other nutty weather was ice storms- something I could not have conceived of without living through them. Probably one of the more dangerous weather situations for leaving you home even the next day. Also rain storms that are basically typhoons. There is no way to drive through them going more than 5 mph unless you want to die. Basically buckets of water that no amount of rain clothes, umbrella or windshield wipers can improve.

Winter is so wild by the way. Waaaaaay more than in Utah for instance. Its like 30 below 0 with the wind factor one day and then 3 days later you have 60 degree spring weather where all you want to do is set up a blanket at the park and sit in the sun.
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