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Sep 24, 2023
Rhubarb All-American
KW might fire coaches too quickly sometimes, but he never fires them too late
I'm not saying Kalani should be like KW but I wish he would take a page out of his book and at least let coaches go when it's obvious they need to go. Not letting someone go when it's obvious they need to go can be as bad or worse than letting them go too early.

For instance, it will take a few years to get the defense built up because of the failures of recruiting the DL, it took many years it took to get the OL back to an acceptable level after Mark Weber decimated it, Ty Detmer's offense was worse than Tuiaki's defense, luckily Kalani made the right call and let him go after that dismal season's end and didn't prolong it. At one time KW had like 7 OCs in 7 consecutive years (some of them I thought were quite good) and letting them go didn't really hurt them.

The consensus was that the OL position group was projected to be our best group and they are actually our worst - seriously how is that even possible? How do you drop that quickly in such a short time? They didn't go from very good to average - they went from very good to terrible. The Oline position group should be a position of strength considering the recruiting base and tradition - we may not be able to recruit lightning fast RBs but we can't afford to have a bad Oline for many reasons but especially if that's supposed to be a competitive advantage.
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