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Nov 20, 2023
WVU_Prof All-American
I would prefer to be worrying about keeping Pope than worrying about firing him.
A string of missed post-seasons would result in him losing his job and I really, really like him as our coach. I want him to succeed.

So I'm hoping he makes it to the sweet 16 (or final four) and becomes extremely attractive as a target for other schools. Then I hope BYU pays the man with the extra B12 money and he continues to build a legacy of greatness in Provo for the next 20 years. Alternatively, if he's going to bolt the second another opportunity arises, then I wish him well in that endeavor as I want him to be successful here and go on to do great things whether it's here or not.

He's been building for the B12 for a while by upping the athleticism on the team, particularly in the block, and he's got the team in a really good place. I think it's been re-built for success in the B12 and that was no small task, so I want him to be successful.
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