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Nov 21, 2023
1CougFan All-American
He's already making a million, but didn't play a down, will be interesting
if he makes more than a million next year and has a bad season after being off a year etc. I expect the boosters/business owners willing to pony up this kind of dough for a player will start having some second thoughts or not be so casual about who they throw money at when they do not get results on the field. I expect some "market correction" so to speak in the next couple years in regards to NIL. It's new and out of control now.

Or maybe there are enough people out there who do not care if they throw there money away...

BYU will be fine, there are a lot of great players out there that will not command that kind of money. I expect eventually only the 5 stars and high 4 star players will get this kind of dough and how many of those guys does BYU get anyway. Utah may be able to sway a few with money now that otherwise would choose BYU but how long will people pony up big dough for them if they do not produce or if the team is not winning at the highest level?
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