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Nov 30, 2023
canofpicante All-American
I hate getting yanked around by things I can’t control. My teenage daughters
always bank on pie-in-the-sky scenarios and then when life is more mundane, corrects to the average, they melt and can’t handle it.

When you plan emotionally to stay in the Oceanside Ritz Carlton but you end up at the Marriott it’s a big disappointment and often leads to anger, sadness, and acting out (When the Marriott is just fine, and was the most likely outcome from the beginning).

So what to do?

Plan emotionally for the most-likely outcome, the Marriott. That’s not giving up; nobody is planning on Motel 6. And we haven’t given up on the Ritz Carlton either; we’re gonna keep checking for availability and specials. There’s a small chance we still stay there.

Likewise, there’s a 67% chance that we are not a number one seed (Ritz), it’s very unlikely. So I’m gonna plan emotionally to make the tournament (Marriott). I haven’t given up (NIT). I also haven’t given up on being the number one seed, I’ll keep checking scores, injuries, and predictions, hoping for that number one seed.

This sort of living keeps me from being blown around by every whim and fancy that comes my way. I’m a lot happier this way.
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