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Dec 2, 2023
BackPacker Intervention Needed
Rewatched the game from last night. A few quick notes from my observations:
- Refs really let the guys play. Particularly BYU who appeared to get away with a handful of what could have been fouls called on them.

- A lot of Fresno’s turnovers were a credit to BYU’s disruptive defense, but a lot of them were just boneheaded, shoot yourself in the foot kinds of turnovers that BYU really capitalized on. Can't count on those kind of turnovers to happen when playing better teams.

- Looked like BYU could have scored a whole bunch more but instead had guys miss some shots they’d typically make and yet a few other times where some forced some shots when they had someone nearby that was open who they could have kicked it out and over too. (Example. Jaxon driving and wildly missing a contested reverse layup when he had Richie wide open straight in front of him in the corner on the baseline that could have been a better shot for 3.)

- All this to say, that game could have been a lot closer than it was, but also could have been a significantly bigger margin of victory for BYU as well. But I guess that’s what makes basketball, basketball, and sports, sports. Still, this was the kind of game where for all the things BYU did really well, there was a lot for them to also clean up and be better at. In other words, this team does indeed have some insane potential, but also some stuff to be nervous about. Like most other fans, I'm cautiously optimistic.

A couple reasonable wishes going forward:

- I’d really like for Atiki to figure out how play with better composure. Hopefully the teams mental health staff, coaches, and teammates collectively can help reign his emotions in a bit and be more patient with himself and the game. Channel those emotions into more productive energy. He has been showing flashes of greatness in between his mental lapses so the potential is certainly there for him.

- I would also love to see Khalifa get his 3 point shot to return to form, if not next game, then certainly at Utah. Would be huge to help counter some of what Carlson can do himself on the other end of the floor in that game.
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