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Dec 5, 2023
Eddie Truly Addicted User
That's not how I took his comment.
Sure - maybe he is reluctant.

Or - maybe he isn't.

Or - maybe he just made a dumb comment like a lot of people do when frustated at work. Maybe he just told a teammate "the way they've been yanking me around, maybe I should just tell them to pound sand when they decide they want me to play on Sunday." And maybe he's never had any intention not to play, but was just venting. Like many people often do in many work settings. Only this time someone decided to leak his venting to the press. Someone who has something against him for some reason.

Rogers is probably a good person to get insight on stuff like this - seems like there were some things going around and back and forth with him the last few years with the Packers that I'm sure had him frustrated and that he probably wished could've been kept behind closed doors.
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