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Dec 6, 2023
WVU_Prof All-American
I have watched WVU in person and they're down big time this year.
Oklahoma State is also really down this year. Then you've got a lot of unproven but potentially dangerous/developing B12 teams (KSU, ISU, TT, and UCF) that could come on late in the season, but it's not really accurate to suggest that every B12 team is as dangerous as BYU at this point in the season. No question it will be tough to find wins against the top half of this stacked conference, especially on the road, and we won't know until the games are played, but right now BYU is looking like a top-third B12 team and that's something to be excited about.

I think this is the deepest BYU BB team I have ever seen. It's rare to have 3-4 players coming off the bench without any drop off. Having so many players consistently scoring in double figures is amazing. The rebounding and perimeter defense of this team are also something special and unique. We've had great 3 point shooting teams in the past, but great 3 point defense? Not so much. We're not going to look this good in conference play against the best teams in the country, but going into conference play with 12 or 13 wins is impressive since we played several good teams along the way.

If BYU ends up in the top half of the conference, they'll be set up for a solid NCAA run with a T4 seeding. One thing to keep in mind is that with all the power and SOS in the B12 (6 ranked teams with Cincy and TCU both knocking on the door), a team with a good OOC resume is only going to need to win about 40% their in-conference games to get into the NCAA tournament with a good seeding. BYU is fortunate to have a really strong home court advantage and so with a team like this one they should have a respectable conference run this year.
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