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Feb 7, 2024
Coug Texan
Super Bowl treats if you want to try them...
Cheese Burger Egg Roles:

So I made this a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty dang good.

1LBs of Hamburger, ground up and season to your liking.
I like the Lowery's seasoning and Garlic seasoning
Add Worcestershire
Optional items
diced Onion
Chopped Bacon
Diced Jalapeno

Once this is browned, add sliced cheese to your meat mixture. Stir until melted in. Add whatever cheese you want, I did American it melts better. I think I added about 7 or 8 slices. Once it's melted in, take it off the burners.

You'll need to get egg role wraps from the store. Mix 2 eggs in a bowl and place to the side. Take a wrap out, lay it on a cutting border a plate or something. Have the wrap facing you like a diamond shape, wet all the edges, about a fingers width, with the egg, of the wrap. Place a table spoon full of the Hamburger mixture in the middle of the wrap, or however much you want to put in the egg role... and fold the first wrap edge that would be the closest to you to the middle, then the outside edges fold them to the middle, and then roll the rest of the wrap and place to the side on another plate. I guess you can cook these in an air fryer, I have no idea what the settings for that would be. I fried them in oil, it was easy... they were so good. My wife made a dipping sauce that was kind of like a Big Mac sauce and it was amazing. They were so good.
If you don't know how to roll an egg role wrap, youtube it, it's super easy. After the first couple, you'll get the hang of it and by the last one you do, you'll look like a pro.

I made this other one for a Christmas party and it was gone in 20 minutes.... it was so dang good and so easy to make.
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