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Feb 12, 2024
slappy All-American
My Monday Morning QB on my 49ers: here's what Shanahan should have done at the end of regulation.
Here's the situation:
-49ers have the ball 1st and 10 at the KC 40 with 3:27 on the clock. CM runs for 5 years, and the clock runs to 2:45.
-Here, IMHO, you HAVE to keep running the ball and try to run out the clock. Instead, Shanahan calls a pass to Kittle for no gain. It's now the 2 minute warning.

-It's now 3rd and 5, and here is my Monday Morning QB - you have to treat this as 2 down territory and not rely on your defense to stop Mahomes. Two downs to get 5 yards, and try to keep the clock running.

-Shanahan calls another pass play, incomplete and stops the clock. Give the ball to Mahomes to do his thing.

TLDR - on that 2nd and 5, it should have been 3 run plays to get 5 yards, and run it down their throats and win the game. Can't rely on your D stopping Mahomes.

Oh the pain! Hats off to KC, this one will sting for a long time.
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