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Feb 19, 2024
Coug Texan
For those that don't have Cougconnect, you need to get yourself an account, good article on the QB situation...
I'm not going to go into detail about it other than to say, people need to get used to the idea that Retzlaff is going to be our starter unless there is someone that comes in and just blows away the competition. And I'm actually excited for Retzlaff... I think he will be great. He'll have a full offseason to work with the offense, work with ARod and at the same time get pushed by other QB's which he himself says is a good thing.

I think there are a lot of comparisons between Retzlaff and Greene at West Virginia. Greene's 2022 season was very similar to Retzlaff's 4 games last year, the question is can we be successful with Retzlaff duplicating Greene's 2023 season? If that is Retzlaff's ceiling, is that gonna be good enough?

Remember also, Retzlaff played against 3 teams that were all in the running for the conference championship game and 2 of which he should have beat, could have beat. A couple of mistakes here and there. To come in and play that well to have a chance to win those game, when everyone he is facing had been playing for more than half the season, I think that's remarkable. I expect Retzlaff to have at the very least, a similar season to Greene's 2023 season.

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