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Feb 25, 2024
icecougar Truly Addicted User
Relatively equal except when Michael Jordan—-errr….Arthur Kaluma was driving…
…refs seem to love sending him to the line. Meanwhile, teams aggressively over-extend their D on the perimeter to deny us passes and fight us over picks and then resort to grabbing and holding us when we read that they’re over-extended and we react with a back cut that exposes them. We never get those calls and yet it happens multiple times a game.

There was an easy to see and egregious example of this in the 2nd half of the game yesterday when Spencer Johnson started to cut to the top to go over a screen, the defender was overplaying him and stepped in front of SJ to beat him over the screen. SJ smartly read that, rejected the screen and tried to back cut and the defender reached out with both hands and held SJ in front of him to prevent him from going back door. That kind of crap happens 5-10 times a game and never gets called yet it’s no less of a foul than the touches that got called sending Kaluma to the FT line 12 times.

The entire CB narrative that we don’t get fouled because we shoot 3’s is a false narrative, we get fouled plenty, it just never gets called and opposing teams are allowed to get away with it.
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