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Feb 26, 2024
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Timeshares and How to Exit
I know timeshares very well and it sounds like some CBers need help with exiting them:

1) Do not pay an exit company. They are all shady.

2) Know what is owned. Which resort / week / season is it? A week at Marriott mountainside during winter can be worth 15k, and a fall week may have negative value…figure out what is owned.

3) If it’s a brand like Marriott, Westin, Sheraton, Hyatt, Wyndham, or Worldmark a good chunk of them can be deeded back to the company as part of a “certified exit” process. Just make sure you know what is owned so you don’t give away something that is actually worth something.

4) If it’s a bad brand or something that has zero value that’s when you have to make the call on if it makes sense to walk away from or not. A lot of companies that don’t have a deedback program may let you do a deedback if you pay say a years maintenance fees to exit…that isn’t ideal but if there aren’t other options it could make sense. You may or may not get a credit hit if you walk away, a lot is dependent on the brand and I can’t really advise that but plenty do it and have limited consequences.

Redweek is a good place to figure out a ballpark range on if a timeshare has value. It can also be good for selling.

TUG is a good place to give away a timeshare. I’m an active poster there and can step you through a giveaway. In a lot of ways it’s easier to give away a week on tug because the people interested have some experience using timeshares and have an interest in guiding you through the process.

I can add more as I have time.
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