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Apr 1, 2024
shoganai All-American
Health and injury concerns are another major reason college soccer needs to be

I've posted before about how the wasteland that is men's college soccer at major schools is a drag on the whole soccer apparatus in this country, up to and including the national team.

Another big issue is that the college soccer season is still designed around a 50-year-old approach to and understanding of the sport.

Playing Thu-Sat (or Fri-Sun at most schools) game sets for an entire fall season is absurd for today's high-level athletes. It puts a ton of unnecessary and unhelpful wear and tear on the athletes' bodies and it's hard to imagine it doesn't lead to increased injuries.

Then, ironically, they do nothing for nine months, other than a loosely allowed spring session where the players are put back into competitive environments without sufficient time to heal from the fall season or prepare physically to go full speed again.

The NCAA desperately needs to let college soccer go to a split-season format where they play one game a week spread across the fall and spring. The coaches have been begging for it for years, but the organization that is always 20 years late with everything can't be bothered to take the issue up.
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