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Apr 12, 2024
Skeptical Optimist Truly Addicted User
I think this is good for the program. This is the first time in BYU history that
a coach has been recruited away to a powerhouse school. Kentucky has made it to the Sweet 16 in 5 out of the last 10 tournaments. This is a big name Basketball school who regularly competes for blue chip players.

Hiring a coach from BYU further establishes our status as a Big 12 power basketball school in the conversation with all the other big boys. I think it makes it easier to get top coaching talent to come to BYU, knowing they'll have a big stage and opportunities to be in the conversation for other big name schools.

This hasn't happened before. All of our other major sports coaches have either retired, been fired, or gone to equal or lesser schools. You can't consider Virginia a powerhouse Football school when Bronco left for them. Who else is there? Cleveland "left" for Fresno State. Maybe Norm Chow? But he only left because BYU screwed him over.

I wish Pope well and hope he really succeeds. We'll be fine - we will find another coach and continue to compete in the Big 12.
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