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Apr 17, 2024
seco03 All-American
My 8 year old daughter became very emotionally invested in BYU basketball
this year. She absolutely LOVES Khalifa. She watched every game this year until bed time. When it was time to go to bed she would beg, "Can I just stay up until Khalifa goes out?" When Khalifa scored or got an assist she would jump up and down and cheer. She also likes to listen to my comments on the game and then repeat them later. "Come on guys, make a layup" was common, or "It's a free throw, we can't miss free throws", "Make an open shot", "that's a travel!" etc.

Anyway, we have been holding off on telling her about any of the changes. This morning my wife told her that Coach Pope left and that we were getting a new coach from the NBA. Her response? "Yeah and he decided to come to BYU and tell them, 'Hey guys, don't get out in the first round'". Which is quite sound advice haha.

We aren't telling her about Khalifa until he's officially gone, and if and when that happens, there will be tears haha. If Coach Young wants to keep Khalifa, I know an 8 year old who would be happy to facetime him and convince him to stay haha.
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