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Apr 19, 2024
BlueZone 3rd String
I was relaxed when Pope left, and I'm okay about any players who might go...
Some buddies were freaking out. "We are doomed." "It's going to take years to recover from this." Crazy stuff like that.

I just said, take it easy. "No matter what you think, we are not all going to die."

Same thing now. If Hall leaves or stays, we aren't going to die. If Sanders is dumb enough to go with Pope to fail at Kentucky, we aren't going to die.

So here's the deal... We have scored the biggest D1 Basketball hire of the year. Prognosticators, who thought we were doomed, are now in awe of what BYU has pulled off. KY will finish his gig with the Suns while hiring assistants, and I think at least one will come from NBA ranks. And they will all hit the portal to find guys who want to play KY-BYU-NBA hoops while working out with Chris Paul, Devin Booker and whomever else this summer. Maybe even hang with Charles Barkley, just for fun. (I would love that.)

Don't you think there's reasonable budget for players? Or did we buy a Ferrari without money left for gas? Don't you think these guys are going to recruit the lights out? Do you think Ally Khalifa is hard to replace? Have you forgotten about Dawson Baker, who could be as good as, though different than, Dallin Hall? And do you think these guys are going to know how to find a big man, or power forward, and coach him up? How about coaching up Waterman, Foos and Atiki?

I want to see Hall and Saunders stay at BYU, for their own sake. But if they leave, it's going to be okay. Pope was not the anointed one, as proven by the classless manner in which he left, as he still has not even said, "Thank you," to Cougar Nation. What a horse's hind end.

But Kevin Young? I'm not saying he just walked off the mountain carrying a playbook written by God's hand, but I think things happened in a special way. Just as Pope found out he could be upgraded within days, we are gonna chill out and watch, because like the Jefferson's —
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