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Jul 8, 2024
Busting Coveys All-American
The other night I was walking out of the airport and I noticed some commotion over by the gate where KLM had parked.
The flight had come in from Amsterdam just about an hour prior. It was a 777 and looking at it you could tell they were in the process of trying to get it ready to go back out.

There was a group of gate agents huddled up and they didn’t look happy. I noticed one of them was the wife of one of my buddies. She works for Delta.

I called him the next day to find out what had happened.

Apparently, as the passengers were deplaning she had one couple that took especially long to exit. They were the last ones off of the plane.

She went down to see if the plane was empty of passengers and the wife was sitting about half way back in coach. Her husband couldn’t wait any longer and had gone into the bathroom before deplaning. She was sitting there patiently waiting for him.

My friend’s wife went back up to the gate podium. About ten minutes later when the couple still hadn’t deplaned she went back down to see what was going on.

She could hear voices coming up the jet bridge before she saw them and it was this same couple. The guy was saying to his wife, “the Dutch haven’t been bombed like that since World War Two.” He had a big smile on his face and told this gate agent good luck in passing.

In her mind she was thinking “oh boy, that can’t be good.”

This guy (according to his wife who was sitting in the plane and had talked to the flight attendants) had not been able to workout all week since they were on vacation. He was going to go as soon as they got home. So, in preparation for his visit to the gym he took some pre-workout and it didn’t settle well.

He destroyed the bathroom. Explosive you know what above the toilet and on the wall. The wife was mortified.

They had to call in a crew with a hazmat kit to properly clean the bathroom. The return flight back to Europe went out late because of it.

I asked this buddy if his wife had said what the guy looked like. Not that it matters but all she really noticed was his Atlanta Braves hat and his big ol’ grin.
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