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Jul 9, 2024
Cougar Junkie Truly Addicted User
A cute girl knocked on my door today selling window replacement.
I indulged her because 1) She was cute, and 2) I have one window with a small hole in the front pane. (Some idiot shot it with a BB gun years ago. I know this because I can see the BB at the bottom of the window in between the double panes.)

I was agreeing to have her company come tomorrow for an inspection and quote. She took my information and arranged a time. Then she said that she had to write it up as an evaluation for three windows because that is the minimum, and that I could just tell them it was one window when they came. I hate stupid games like this, and I know my other windows are fine, so I told her she had to write it up as one window or the arrangement was off. She said she understood, and that we could still go forward.

Then she asked me to sign the form. The fine print said I consent to future contact for marketing purposes. I said I would give no such consent. She said that only applied if I checked the box. I re-read the fine print. It said, "By signing or checking the box, I consent to blah, blah, blah." I pointed this out to her. She seemed to acknowledge defeat, and I put the nail in the coffin by telling her the deal was off.

I wonder if TNT has any windows in his cardboard box.
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