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Feb 12, 2013 - 10:26am
to the 4 gay guys sitting infront of me at the basketball game saturday
( i wasnt going to say anything, but the video by vikcoug made me want to share this little info)

Thanks for coming to the game and being fans. I dont know why i thought the sexual orientation would make it less likely to be fans. It also didnt bother me that ya'll showed affection to one another. I thought it would. My kids didnt notice or didnt say anything. I dont think they were bothered. Dont know why they would be though we have gay friends. I am glad the net of fans is growing. Some on here may not agree with me or with you guys at the game and showing some affection. However, I hope to see you guys there next week. I sat on the top row so my 3 kids and their 3 friends could play without annoying anyone. I assume you guys sat up high as to be away from the crowd. I dont know. But you cheered as loud and as often as we did. So next game i will sneak in some mt dew for you guys.

I am still not sure where i stand on some gay issues but welcome to the fan fold!



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Good post (nm)
Feb 12, 10:27am
Feb 12, 1:07pm
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LOL! (nm)
Feb 12, 12:32pm
exactly. (nm)
Feb 13, 9:13am
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