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Apr 20, 2017
kccougar All-American
Internet scammers that can't take a joke
I listed an item on KSL classifieds today and received a text from an interested party. They went through the motions of asking about the condition of the item, etc. and haggling on price. Then they said they wanted to use Paypal. I gave my Paypal email address (linked to a junk account), wondering if it was a scammer, but being a little slow-witted today. I'm very familiar with the route scammers usually go with auto ads, but this was slightly different. It wasn't until I got my second text from another number requesting the same paypal method that my brain finally kicked in.

So I've been playing around. The second request for my paypal address received this in reply: "Ok. My paypal address is ihatescammers@gmail.com."

Him: "What is scammers?"

Me: "My email address. Please send money soon. I need it for my daughter's surgery. I am selling many other items too. Do you need a couch?"

Him: "I pray she dies during surgery."

Me: "Me too. I have a very large life insurance payment promised to me by a wealthy uncle in Nigeria if she doesn't make it."

Him: "What is nigeria? The name of your aunt??,,Well if it is I have not heard that name before."

Me: "No. It is a country in Africa. Where my family comes from. I am actually descended from royalty there - it's a long story."

Me: "So about that table. Do you think you'll be able to pick it up before Saturday afternoon? I have a large group of people coming over for a barbeque. If you want to stop by about 2:00 you are welcome to join the party."

Him: "OK, that's cool"

Him: "But I can't Pay into your account"

Him: "Because I hate trump, he wants to start world war III"

Me: "Some sort of difficulty? Do you need my social security number too?

Him: "I pray he get killed"

Me: "me too, brother"

Him: "including yourself scum bag"

Him: "Wa ku ni"

Me: "What does that mean?"

Him: "You and Trump will die #&*@$"

Me: Is that a literal translation or just the general idea? Cool language though. Where are you from?"

[To be continued...I hope]




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