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Oct 11, 2017
Zenoch All-American
Editorial re: Weinstein:"Dear Hollywood: Your Reaction to Weinstein Proves You’re Disgusting, Amoral Hypocrites..."

"Oh, don’t misunderstand. We never actually cared about your opinions. But you sure seemed to think we needed to hear any little thought which flittered across the empty, albeit pretty, space between your ears. But after this? After many of you clearly covered for the sexual assaults of your bestie Harvey Weinstein? So he could continue preying on young women who just wanted to make it? Who wanted to matter in the eyes of the world? Who were likely terrified when isolated with a powerful man, all alone? How can I ever take your candid words seriously? Why should I look upon you with nothing but disgust?"

"Because yes, those women were victims. And you all knew. It was an “open secret” that Harvey Weinstein exploited young, aspiring actresses. What those young women should or should not have done is for another post entirely. But they were taken advantage of, and they were victimized by a man much more powerful than they were. You, the insiders of Hollywood, the rich elites who shape shift for pallets of cash, have enabled and all but endorsed, actual rape culture in your highest ranks."

"So where are your tears, Hollywood? Where are your promises it’ll never happen again? Where are your essays on “enough is enough”? Where are your fundraisers for the victims of powerful media moguls? Where are the benefits where you all “stand strong and united” against sexual exploitation of your peers?"

"Your silence, followed by your calculated statements, are illuminating. You are not beautiful. You’re living a life of corruption even the Prince of Darkness looks upon with envy. The platform on which you stand, where you lecture us from on high, is crafted from the tainted, fragile dreams of beautiful, but broken women. And probably, as more is revealed, broken young men."



Check out my blog - much of which comes from CB: http://Zenoch.org
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