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Oct 12, 2017
Waddamy Walk-on
Too many questions around the next wave of conference realignment

My Ute friend and I were discussing conference realignment. We came up with a list of questions that we think nobody in the media, particularly Utah sport media, seems to be talking about much.  Does Cougarboard have answers?

First, I am of the mindset right now that that BYU will most likely never be included in any P5 conference as they are currently organized.

Contrary to what my Ute friend says, BYU not going to a P5 conference has less to do with level of play (one bad year doesn’t erase decades of solid performance), but more to do with TV Revenue, Geographical, and Cultural fit more than level of play.  Don’t get me wrong, the level of play of a team trying to get into a P5 must be respectable, and in my opinion, BYU's level of play over the last decade merits inclusion, as did Utah and TCU. But so has Boise, Houston, and a ½ dozen other schools. BYU is not in a P5 because it is not a cultural fit and because of widening social and political gaps, will most likely never be included. This is a double-edged sword, as what has allowed BYU to thrive as a tier 1 institution and field decent teams over the years, is also limiting it growth.

Second, I believe that BYU will not voluntarily go back to any G5 conference if there is support from a major media provider and key boosters demand it, or the next round of conference realignment eliminates the possibly of P5 inclusion and there is a better alternative available than the MWC or ACC. 

We both agree that there is a big change the Big 12 implodes, and if it does, it could significantly impact all three of Utah's D1 schools.

So, our questions are:

  1. What if the Pac12 can get Texas and or Oklahoma into the conference? Do all the conferences stay at 14 or do they expand to 16?
  2. If BYU gets left out, do they stay independent?
  3. What happens to MWC if the P5 G5 gap continues? Is it sustainable as a football conference?
  4. If all P5 conferences go to 16, which schools get taken?  With ND in the mix, there are only 9 slots. Someone is going to get left out. Is it Baylor, Iowa State, TCU?
  5. What if the other P5 conferences would rather take Connecticut, Cinci, or Houston over other B12 schools, or if stronger conferences like the B10 or SEC are able to raid better schools from the ACC and/or PAC12? Would this be good for BYU?
  6. Who does the PAC12 take if Oklahoma or Texas aren’t available?  Would Boise State ever be appealing to the PAC12?
  7. If the Big 12 folds, do any of the schools go G5? Would BYU then move to the MWC or AAC?
  8. Would the Left out B12 school try to keep the B12 conference alive by creating a “New” B12 and by raiding the best of the G5 like the Big East tried to do? Would good G5 school move? Would BYU be interested in joining? Would the other schools, in this current political and cultural environment, be willing to take BYU?
  9. If the best of the G5 conferences create a Super G5 Conference (and become the SEC of the G5 world), who would be included and would a depleted MWC survive?
  10. What if a conference, like the Big 10, grows to 18? Does the other conference attempt to grow also? Would the stronger Conferences raid the PAC12 and ACC along with the Big 12?
  11. What happens if the TV money implodes in the next round of playoff? Will conference look to downsize and get rid of dead wood?
  12. Why would you ever be trying to have an intelligent conversation with a Ute?




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