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Jun 13, 2018
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Does Kalani restrict his OC’s?
Criddle interviewed Smith who talked about his close friend Detmer. Smith said Detmer had remorse that he did not fight harder to play his system. This is consistent with many Detmer interviews last year where he said he liked to “throw the ball around the yard” but needed to play within the parameters of the team philosophy. I am not defending Detmers performance, which was bad.

Kalami appears to have copied his philosophy from his mentors Whit and Anderson. Play tough defense. Play offense that controls the ball and doesn’t take a lot of risks so the defense isn’t put in a bad position and can rest. Running the ball takes time off the clock and shortens the game with fewer possessions when playing good P5 teams. Stay close and try to win in the 4th quarter.

It appears Kalani’s choice of grimes is the type of offense he wants to run. It appears he does not want to throw it around the yard like Leach at WSU and possibly Holmoe had a huge influence in hiring Detmer to perpetuate the quarterback factory brand at BYU

Interesting that many CB’s did not want Ken N. As coach because he runs the ball and does not have an exciting offense. In reality is Kalani much different? What is Kalani’s offensive brand? Does he really want a high risk high reward exciting passing offense?
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